We are constantly bombarded with messaging about how to dress.

(images? something that goes along with the video concept?) 

It's all ridiculous. But it still affects us.

We want to be taken seriously. And we want to feel comfortably ourselves.

So we spend hours looking for an effortless outfit that feels just right. Only to realize it’ll disintegrate after a few washes, or wrinkles like crazy.

That’s because the mass-market fashion machine wants us to buy more, more, more — they plan for fickle trends and fall-apart clothes. It’s a business decision. Meanwhile, they tell us we won’t be pretty enough, fun enough, thin enough, or confident enough until we get the newest trend, straight from the sweatshop.

We’re calling bullsh*t.

We want long-lasting, low-maintenance, XXXclothes for our friends — badass women, mothers, creatives, professionals, athletes, change-makers — who don’t have time for bullsh*t. AND ETHICAL TOO.

Through hundreds of surveys and interviews, we’ve discovered what women want from their go-to pieces. Turns out, we all care about the same things.

Now we’re creating the closet of our collective dreams.

Comfortable, effortless, everyday statements, for work to weekends. No disintegrating fabrics. No fall-apart trends. No surprises. No bullsh*t.

We lab-test our fabrics for pilling and abrasion, and use a community-based focus group to wear-test every style before it launches.

Our job is to think of literally everything, so you don’t have to. Because you shouldn’t have to. With infinite love and respect,